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Billy if it was a boy and Magdalen if it was a girl

18 January 9th, 1996

1: I am discovering that I am quite well at painting

2: I honestly can not wait to take a year away from education and just relax and save up money, fuck what others think about my motivation to go back to school I trust in myself that I will go back even if I take a gap year, and I wish some people would stop trying to persuade me not to.

3: My psychology class is pretty basic and I have a hard time staying interested because I learned most of what we lecture about from the internet. I honestly could explain some of the stuff we talk about better than her and actually engage the class in a discussion…she can not really pronounce some of the words either.


Brooke Candy | OPULENCE



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My personality is very practical and supporting. I love just listening to people and knowing everything is going well with them. I am very loyal to people who prove they care and respect me and I am my own parent in my head. Very emotional and high-strung haha.

I think that insecurities are an issue with everyone. We are always naturally striving to be better.

My role model is kemetprince1 on youtube. He is so insightful and confirms everything for me.

Things that turn me on; when people are considerate, playing with my hair, whispering in my ear and nibbling on my body hahaha…